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Old Christ Church and Broad Creek Cemetery

Historic Christ Church

  A superb example of the Queen Anne style of ecclesiastical architecture and also one of the most carefully preserved Victorian Churches in Maryland, Christ Church, on Stevensville’s Main Street, is an historic gem. Christ Church attests to Kent Island’s importance as the cradle of the Anglican Church in Maryland – being the site of the earliest Anglican settlement in the colony.

The congregation was first established at Claiborne’s settlement at Kent Point in the 1630’s and the present building, constructed in 1880, is the fourth known church to be constructed by the parish. In 1995 the congregation relocated to a new, larger, facility on Rt. 8. Christ Church continues to be used as a house of worship.

The 1880 church is distinguished by a steep slate roof, and an unusual chimney designed in the medieval “lancet” style, and is garnished with simple yet pleasing stained glass windows arranged in three pairs along each side wall with larger arched windows in the south gable behind the alter. The bell tower adjoins the east facade.
The church’s dramatic interior is dominated by the steeply pitched ceiling that rises heavenward above the congregation and is supported by open, stick-style trusses that divide the building into four bays.

The site of the 1652 Broad Creek Church and Cemetery, where three of the Christ Church congregation's previous structures once stood, is located off Route 8 in Stevensville.  The cemetery is currently being restored and is undergoing archaeological investigation by Christ Church Parish. The cornerstones of the 1652 church have been unearthed, as well as 12 burial headstones, dating from 1746 to 1903. 

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Special Events: Kent Island Day

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